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You can read my first review for Mark T. Barclay’s book, The Things You Need For the Day Ahead and the responses. I say responses, because they are not verified purchases. These responses are orchestrated by Barclay’s Ministry and all the responses show complex cultic behaviors.

My longest response is to a person who goes by the name Daboss. This person has the nerve to tell me that I shouldn’t compare books on a book review. Now how ignorant is that? I asked this person if I should use cook books instead. Now if it was a car review, any person would compare it to cars they purchased in the past or present. Now who is the narrow minded one? It’s sure not the person who can compare Barclay’s work with the bible, Pentecostal scholars, and Jerry Bridge’s book on The Pursuit of Holiness. If Barclay and his staff think that he isn’t accountable to the Bible, the Body of Christ and its scholars than its a good sign that he has built a Word-Faith shepherding ministry and his staff are showing complex signs of cultic behavior.

One of the tactics that I see in Word-faith circles is to keep people in ignorance. Most Word-faith followers are extremely ignorant of basic Christianity like dboss. This person cannot think in terms of Christian doctrine and it shows because he can not get basic things right. He haphazardly misinterprets quotes from one of Roger Olson’s best books on Classic Arminianism getting important dates wrong on Pelagius and Semi-Pelagianism. Daboss, you are a product of Mark T. Barclay’s and it shows! You get basic Christianity wrong, your reasoning is not Protestant, and have to resort to name calling like the others on the review.

Mark writes a book devoid of Christianity and full of Pelagianism and has the nerve to have people write in ignorant responses and personal attacks instead of reviews. This is not normal on reviews and it is a good indication of complex cultic behavior. But than again, this is how Barclay’s ministry has handled criticism of his theology by publicly disgracing Protestant Christianity.

Recently, Mark T. Barclay Ministries had a video taken off Youtube, because it compared Mark’s theology on Holiness with the Protestant doctrine of Sanctification, which contained none of their copyrighted material, but in the end it was taken down because Mark T. Barclay Ministries lied that it was otherwise. The same video and it’s conclusions were used in a masters and doctorate program in the United States. Like his book, Barclay in the video leaves out basic Christian doctrine when teaching about Christian Holiness. There is no mention of the believer’s Union with Christ in his very death and resurrection. Barclay in the video and like his book fumbles over basic Christian doctrine and preaches a cross-less Christianity which resembles deism,  completely devoid of Christ historical death and resurrection.

*See Roger Olson on Cross-less Christianity. “I would go so far as to say that crossless Christianity is not real Christianity.  Or at least it is seriously defective, accommodated, negotiated, shallow Christianity.”

*See Roger Olson on American Christianity on Semi-Pelagianism. “The situation is that most American Christian churches (including evangelical ones) are EITHER Calvinist or Semi-Pelagian by default.”