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“…there will be great breakthroughs against the terrorist strong- holds, but it will take much longer to totally eliminate the threat. Weapons of mass destruction will be dealt with this year.” Mark T. Barclay prophecy, I Predict 2005.

If you have followed this blog you will have noticed that I’ve been assessing Mark T. Barclay’s false prophecies and in this essay I want to examine further his prophecy concerning what ‘prophet Barclay’ says came from Jesus himself and what George W. Bush calls the worse mistake of his presidency.  

One of the standards we used comes from one of Barclay’s followers himself and it’s that a false prophet is one who speaks things that don’t come to pass and we can clearly see that what Mark t. Barclay prophesied didn’t happen. There were not any weapons of mass destruction to be even dealt with in Iraq as we will read the humble admission from the person who occupied the highest office in the United States the former president.

Knowing the future is the test not only of a true prophet, it’s also of a true God! God is never wrong about the future or anything else. It’s because God is perfectly holy and good and he can’t do evil. He isn’t a man that he should lie. The Second Person in the Divine Trinity the God-man Jesus Christ knows the future perfectly, because he is the First and the last, the Beginning and the End and the Creator of time itself!

But Mr Bush admits that he was shocked when no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. “No one was more shocked and angry than I was when we didn’t find the weapons,” he writes. “I had a sickening feeling every time I thought about it. I still do.”   BBC

That BBC 2010 quote is from Bush himself from his own memoir

So who should we believe and what should we believe? Well, first of all should I as a Christian be examining Mark T. Barclay’s prophecies? Holy Scripture and leading church theologians say yes as believers we should. Listen to Gordon D. Fee one of the greatest New Testament expositors of our time who helped translate the NIV and TNIV Bibles.

The awe with many contemporary charismatic hold to prophecy and ‘prophets’ which in effect causes them to almost to never be ‘tested,’ stands in basic contradiction to this Pauline injunction (1Thes 5:19-22).” Gordon D. Fee, God’s Empowering Presence, The Holy Spirit in the Letters of Paul Page 62.

Scripture itself calls the church to test prophecy and if we don’t we not practicing sound doctrine and actually stand in contrary to it. So with that said, what have some of Mark T. Barclay’s followers said to me about this testing?

Rev Samuel J Cottle  RPN member and proud of my Prophet, Pastor, Leader writes:

May the hand of God judge severely for your actions against this Prophet of the Lord!“Your arguments hold no weight because in the words of Dr. Barclay, “… were you in the room when God said what HE said to this man of God?  Then shut up your email and learn how damaging you have been to the “Body of Christ”! Dr. Barclay will have mercy because that is how he is.  God’s judgement are severe because “HE will not be mocked if you sow it you reap it.” Repent of your sin so you can Keep the Faith!” Reverend Samuel J Cottle

Quite astonishing words! One can really read the lack of integrity for the authority of Scripture here, but there is no lack of integrity for Mark T. Barclay’s false prophecies!

So lets assess this email

  1. President George W. Bush and I are under severe Judgment for acknowledging the truth that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction to be dealt with or found.

  2. The truth even coming from the humbling of the person who occupied the highest seat in the United States the most powerful man in the World George W. Bush doesn’t hold any weight compared to Mark T. Barclay’s own prophetic words.

  3. To proper test prophecy from Dr. Mark T. Barclay. I needed to be in the same room when God spoke to him and I shouldn’t test Barclay’s prophecies anymore, because I don’t have the authority as a Christian.

  4. Mark T. Barclay’s subjective experiences and prophecies are more authoritative to his followers than sound teaching and historical reality itself.

  5. I’ve sinned and losing my justification which is by faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ unless I repent from my testing.

The illuminist constantly finds that “God tells him” to do things …Illuminists are often very sincere, very dedicated, and possessed of a commitment to obey God that shames more cautious Christians. Nevertheless they are treading a dangerous path. Their ancestors have trodden it before, and always with disastrous results in the long run. Inner feelings and special promptings are by their very nature subjective. The Bible provides our objective guide.” Donald Bridge (British charismatic pastor)

Whatever Barclay has heard privately doesn’t matter and it doesn’t carry any weight of authority over historical reality. Mark T. Barclay can try his best to proclaim his own inerrancy by insisting that he is a prophet of God with the same anointing as the Old Testament prophets and that Jesus told him these things, but it in the end its an attack on the inerrancy of Scripture itself!

The Prophets of today are similar, considering they don’t hold the identical position. I flow in this anointing and gift…….”The Things You Need for the Day Ahead, by Mark T. Barclay

But what ‘Jesus’ told him? How come the ‘Jesus’ who told him was historically wrong on the presence of WMD’s? The Jesus Paul preached perfectly knows the future because he is perfectly good and holy. Scripture says that without Him nothing was created and that’s even time.

Christianity is a true religion and a revealed faith and as we learn from Old Testament prophecies they are events which happened in recorded time. Just as the history of salvation can be proven by historical events like the time of Jesus birth and the specific nation by other historical writings and archeology findings outside the bible. So prophecies can be proven the same historical way .

The Triune God of holy scripture isn’t bound by space and time or limited by his rational creatures, but He has chosen to use creation and time to reveal himself in what we know as history.This is one way we know the difference between a false gospel and the real one preached by Paul. For instance Mormonism makes archeological claims which cannot be historically supported. Joseph Smith claims along with the Mormon bible that Christ visited the Americas after his resurrection to preach to the natives, which events never historically happened.

Joseph Smith claimed he received this revelation from personal visions which an angel directed him to a buried book of golden tablets which told about an Christian history of an ancient American civilization, which once translated the golden tablets became the Book of Mormon.

So how do we know that Joseph Smith and Mormonism isn’t true? Well, first of all we know that it isn’t true because it’s not doctrinally true. At the heart of Mormonism is a denial of the central teachings of Christianity like who God is and who Jesus Christ is and they aren’t the same as historic Christianity. And secondly we know that it’s not true because it’s not historically true. The events which the Book of Mormon say happened have never been shown true archeologically.

On top of all that were Joseph Smith’s prophecies which never came to pass. For example Joseph Smith’s prophecies directly in Doctrine and Covenants 87:2, he predicted that the American Civil War would “be poured out upon all nations.” Which never happened.

“Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!” Galatians 1:7-8

So how do we know that Mark T. Barclay’s prophecy is false? It’s easy, because it’s not historically true and beyond that his prophecy isn’t doctrinally true. The Jesus Paul preached would not tell something that is historically false, which is a lie. If that’s correct then even Mormonism could be true. Only a ‘different Jesus’ preaching ‘another gospel’ told Mark T. Barclay this false prophecy! The very God who created history and time doesn’t lie, because he is holy and knew perfectly that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. So how could they even be dealt with?

So to end this essay, here are a few points in summery.

      1. Mark T. Barclay’s insistence that his prophecy of Weapons of Mass Destruction came from Jesus himself only reveals that this revelation was given by ‘another Jesus’ other than Paul preached.

      2. The Jesus Paul preached perfectly knows the future being the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. He perfectly knows the future being perfect and holy in himself and does not lie.

      3. Mark T. Barclay VS George W. Bush? Well there is no comparison! It’s like comparing a wolf in sheep’s clothing to a real minister. Barclay’s integrity is only skin deep, whereas President Bush was able to humble himself to God and the world and admitting that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction.

      4. Mark T. Barclay like Joseph Smith both claim to have special visitations and words from the Lord and both have false prophecies, which unlike true biblical prophecy are shown to be historically untrue.