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I just would like to say many blessings to all who have read the blog and followed it through last year.

Top Post for 2012

Top Post for 2012

Until it was confirmed by Barclay himself, I only knew out of inference before 2012 that Mark T. Barclay was teaching falsely on the Trinity. It was from Barclay’s clear lack of understanding basic teachings such as the saving nature of grace, justification by faith, sanctification/holiness, union with Christ, and the resurrection of Christ that I knew it.

I even thought for a long time that Mark T. Barclay was just fumbling like other Word-faith teachers at basic Christian doctrine. The clarity of the Gospel was missing in both Barclay’s books and teachings, and this is because the Trinity was missing, which furnishes the keys to all other doctrines in the entire Bible, thus Mark T. Barclay was teaching a different Christ and prophesying by a different Christ. Moreover, Mark T. Barclay is a heretic who just doesn’t fumble at basic Christian doctrine like many of his pastor followers, but Mark is a false teacher as the Church has declared and self-condemned as Scripture says about other heretics, because of his evil teachings on the Godhead.

A “God” who is made up of parts as Barclay heretically teaches can’t save. Only the Triune Jehovah of Scripture who the Church has faithfully preached saves. The  glorious God who is alone Triune in personality, being God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is the only one true God and Saviour, because it took all members of the divine Trinity to redeem sinfully lost mankind.

So, if you are reading this blog and you don’t know God, and you want to personally know God who is Triune and glorious, you can. It takes repentance and belief. No sin is small and an all sin deserves damnation. Only through believing and totally trusting in Christ can you be saved from eternal hell and have eternal life and given the gift of righteousness. Only by resting on Christ alone and by grace alone can you receive justification and eternal life.




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