Mark T. Barclay and the Trinity by Ken Mattson

The Monster-prophet privately bringing in damnable heresies through Webinar...

The Monster-prophet privately bringing in damnable heresies through Webinar…

You can listen to another message found here where Mark T. Barclay again teaches heretical on the Evangelical Doctrine of the Trinity. Like other cults such as the Jehovah Witnesses, Mark T. Barclay and his ministry will use Biblical terms, but in reality they are talking about entirely different things and in the case of the Trinity, a different God composed of parts and not united distinct eternal persons.

For example, both Mormons and the Jehovah Witnesses both will come to your door and tell you that they believe in Jesus Christ, but the truth is that their Jesus Christ resembles nothing of the Biblical Jesus believed on in Christian orthodoxy.

The New Testament never endorses the idea nor teaching that the Trinity is made up or composed of parts as Mark T. Barclay teaches. This is a heresy and it has been condemned officially by the Church 1700 years ago, but even before that it was condemned by the Apostles. How do we know that? Because we know by early Church writings and we know this historically as a fact.

What we are dealing with here is a dangerous heretic and not a man of God, but a blasphemer who will do anything to get his own way and who has hurt very many lives through greed and radically false teachings. Even a denial of the only Savior who is not a part, but is personal, being the second person in the Godhead.

The great danger is Mark T. Barclay will say on a simple statement of beliefs that he his ministry adheres to the Doctrine of the Trinity, but in all reality he doesn’t and we can say this by what he teaches. This is deception and it’s more dangerous than other cults, because at least in other cults like the Jehovah Witnesses they are open enough to tell you straight away that they don’t believe in the doctrine of the Trinity. Whereas, with Barclay though it’s way more hideous, because he slightly appears to hold to the Orthodox doctrine of the Trinity through a paper thin statement of beliefs, but evilly deny it through false teachings.

The Trinity is a mystery and not composed as humans or in some twisted way as Mark T. Barclay imagines humans are made! The Trinity is defined as one God who exists in three eternal, simultaneous, and distinct persons known as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is not first One and then Three, but simultaneously One and Three.

In closing it’s important to point out that Mark T. Barclay’s heresy on the Evangelical Doctrine of the Trinity is not an isolated instance. But it is taught multiple times and it runs through is books and services where they are not Trinitarian in worship, which services only centre around Word of Faith ideas on tithes and offerings, instead of the Triune God who alone is glorious.

In the link you can listen to Mark T. Barclay again teach heretical that God is a three part being.

wolf in Sheep's clothing

wolf in Sheep’s clothing


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