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“Can you really handle persecution? What if it’s over the Doctrine of the Trinity or the Person of Jesus Christ? Very few do or reflect this authentic Biblical leadership witnessed by the Apostles and Church Fathers. You want to talk about grace? How about grace in the midst of real persecution and I’m not talking about right wing political persecution of abortion and standing up for U.S patriotism or against gay rights. Anyone can do that without the grace of God! But very few will stand against heresy as in the case of Mark T. Barclay and his false teachings, which heresy being so evil(and well documented) are absolutely destructive on the Doctrine of the Trinity and the right understanding of the Person of Jesus Christ.” Kenneth Lee Mattson





“What separates a Christian leader from a follower, secular leader or a Christian coward? For one he doesn’t blindly follow and second, stands up for sound doctrine as in the case of destructive errors on the doctrine of the Trinity and the Person of Christ. This has been the case in the history of the Christian church, from the apostolic leadership of apostles to the Church fathers”. Kenneth Lee Mattson