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Mark T. Barclay: A different Trinity, a three-part being, by Ken Mattson

The Great Deacon Athanasius

The Great Deacon Athanasius

 With many applauses from his congregation in his heretical sermons on the Doctrine of the Trinity. The trinitarian heretic Mark T. Barclay  proclaims that the “great god”……he serves is a “three part being!”

“We call him Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. You are made after the image of God. You are a spirit…you have a soul…you live in a body. God’s a three-part being. Humans were created by God in Eden as a three-part being.” Mark T. Barclay-The names of God part two.

So is the Trinity a three-part being as Mark T. Barclay teaches and believes in? NO! This is cultic, being absolutely heretical and not only that, but a blasphemous heresy on the Orthodox Doctrine of the Trinity!

By teaching that the Trinity is a three part being and not distinct Persons. The false prophet Mark T. Barclay is teaching a destructive heresy. Thus, Barclay’s god is drastically different from the Triune and personal God of the true Christian Church.

 Furthermore, like the Jehovah Witnesses who are the modern Arians, and who also heretically named God after his works as Creator. Mark T. Barclay names God as Creator, instead of the proper and Scriptural name as the eternal Father of the Lord Jesus. And greatly furthers the Arian heresy by teaching that God was not always called Father from eternity, but that there was change in God’s name for the sake of creation’s understanding.

 In other words, Mark T. Barclay continues the Arian heresy by naming God’s name as Creator and not the eternal Father, but teaches that there was change in God. Thus, clearly, Mark T. Barclay’s god is drastically different than the God of Christianity. Because the God of Christianity is one God being indivisible and Triune in three distinct Persons, and doesn’t change.

“Far removed is the Father of all from those things which operate among men, the affections and passions. He is simple, not composed of parts, without structure, altogether like and equal to himself alone. He is all mind, all spirit, all thought, all intelligence, all reason . . . all light, all fountain of every good..” Irenaeus, Against Heresies 2:13:3 [A.D. 189].

 In his newer book on the Trinity. Michael Reeves writes:

 “In Fact, we should not even set out in our understanding of God by thinking of God primarily as Creator(naming him “from” his works only)-that, as we have seen, would make him dependent on his creation.” Michael Reeves- Delighting in the Trinity.

 That quote was in reference to Saint Athanasius to his brilliant life long defence of the Doctrine of the Trinity against the Arians. But I’d like to add more and that it’s not only in regards to God’s name. As Saint Athanasius went on to say further that by naming God from his works as Creator did indeed warped and destroyed the true Christian God’s own identity as the eternal Father. Thus making a different god than from Scripture as the heretic Mark T. Barclay and the Arians blasphemous do in their shared teachings on the Godhead.

 “Therefore it is more pious and more accurate to signify God from the Son and call Him Father, than to name Him from His works.” Church Father-Saint Athanasius, Discourses Against the Arians: Discourse 1, Chapter 9:34

 I believe in one God, the Father Almighty.”  The Nicene Creed

Thus, Mark T. Barclay is not only heretically wrong in one way by evilly teaching that God is a three-part being and not Persons. He is also heretically wrong in other ways by furthering the Arian heresy by teaching that the Father wasn’t Father,  but was Creator and that there was changed in God.

As I already told Richard Jolliff and Chuck Seeley about Mark T. Barclay. Men who by the way, are both anti-denominational and basic doctrinal stupids in their own right! I told both of them, that in Mark T. Barclay’s teaching on the Trinity. There are at least three evil heresies the Christian church has already condemned. Thus, Mark T. Barclay not only heretically denies the Orthodox doctrine of the Trinity, but he is worshipping a different god who is a trinity of parts and not distinct eternal Persons as Scripture clearly teaches.

Furthermore, men like Chuck Seeley and Mark T. Barclay can’t look to the Orthodoxy of the Church on such important doctrines as the Trinity or the Orthodox doctrine of the Person of Jesus Christ and Original Sin(Pelagius). Why? Because once they do, they are indicted as heretics for their evil heresies! Not only by Scripture, but indicted in time and space by the Church Fathers through the Orthodoxy on which the true Christian church stands.

Rick Renner, quoting A. W. Tozer, who was one of the most balanced theologians of modern times. Renner quotes:

“The apostles not only taught truth but contended for its purity against any who would corrupt it. The Pauline epistles resist every effort of false teachers to introduce doctrinal vagaries. John’s epistles are sharp with condemnation of those teachers who harassed the young church by denying the incarnation and throwing doubts upon the doctrine of the Trinity; and Jude in his brief but powerful epistle rises to heights of burning eloquence as he pours scorn upon evil teachers who would mislead the saints.”

So, does Mark T. Barclay believe in the Orthodox doctrine of the Trinity, which is held by the true Church? Absolutely not! But if you believe that he does, then you are as stupid and very much deceived as the Galatians! Because Barclay’s own teachings heretically deny such Orthodox belief. No paper thin Statement of Beliefs on the internet can cover up what he already teaches.

Anyone can lie and say they believe in something, and not practice it! Or in Barclay’s case, falsely say that he believes in the Trinity by a posted Statement of Beliefs. Yet, then goes about and destroys such Orthodox beliefs on the Trinity and teachings on the eternal Person of Jesus Christ through evil heresies.

So in summery, Mark T. Barclay’s teaching on the Trinity is heresy and compounded with heresies and the obvious ones are Arianism and Sabellianism. Mark’s own conception of God is irrefutably Arian in nature and his evil denial of actual Persons in the Godhead is Sabellianism.

Isn’t it ironic that the most celebrated defender of the Trinity, Saint Athanasius who is the Father of Orthodoxy. Would address the so called Bible-man himself Mark T. Barclay on the pages of Athanasius own writings against the Arians? And not only in the writings against the Arians, but Athanasius also addresses Barclay in his writings to the First Council of Nicaea on the Trinity. He not only address Barclay, but directly refutes Mark T. Barclay’s evil teachings.

It’s not only ironic, but it’s very prophetic . It must be quite unnerving to be in Barclay’s shoes and find himself and his teaching on the Trinity being refuted and condemned word by word, by the great Athanasius, which happened more than seventeen centuries ago. When the Orthodox Doctrine of the Trinity was put forth at Nicaea to combat the Arian heresy.

Thus, the status and legacy of Mark T. Barclay in light of Scripture and the Church’s Orthodoxy is that he is a heretic and self-condemned by his own evil teachings on the Godhead and the Person of Christ and this is irrefutable.

As Walter Martin used to say in regards to false doctrine: “Does anyone get excited in the presents of evil anymore?”

“In Genesis Chapter. 1, it defines the Trinity of God, the three parts of God. You are made by the way after his image, three parts. There was a Creator, he was later called Jehovah. There was his word, later on when he come here God said you call this baby, not the Word, but Jesus which really means Yahshua….and then of course the bible talks about the Spirit of God……now these aren’t three different people. We teach them sorta, kinda almost as three different people for the sake of teaching. Now that Creator, Word and Spirit for the sake of man understanding and relating was changed by God, you can read it in the Scriptures, I know you know this, forgive me this so elementary. But it was changed to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” Mark T. Barclay, Jesus the command giver

In complete denial of the “Persons” of the Trinity. Barclay goes on and further mixes up who the members of the Trinity are. This is not isolated, because the ramifications of  this destructive heresy continues to manifest in the leadership’s prayers from the teaching pulpit. Where they mix up the names and roles of the eternal Persons of the Trinity.

“Those that permit the Holy Spirit to be their Father. Those who will allow the Holy Spirit, remember he’s not a third Person, he is God made up of three parts just like…my son Josh and his soul is not somebody else and his spirit is not someone else, and so I got to decipher…Now there’s not three people, it’s just one Josh three parts. There’s not three Gods, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, he’s just one. He’s just got three parts. So this great Holy Spirit wants to father you.” Jesus, the Command Giver – Mark T. Barclay

America knew that former President Bill Clinton committed adultery because all the facts pointed to that even when he publicly denied it in the first place. We know that Mark T. Barclay has taught the worst heresy on the Trinity and the Person of Christ by what he has taught and now is lying that he did otherwise. If a person will lie about God who is Trinity, than they are capable of lying about anything. The facts point to his apostasy from his heresy and now Barclay is publicly lying that he did otherwise.

Image grabbed from and used only for critisim, educational use

Image grabbed from and used only for critisim, educational use.



Mark T. Barclay and Ed Dufresne: Scandal, Incestuous Fornication and Legacy. Written by Ken Mattson

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“The grueling details became abundantly clear. My dad had stolen my brother’s wife, even hiring and paying for a divorce attorney for her, and now he is trying to steal his daughter! On January 7th, 2010 our dad married Lorena Matthews, in a ceremony performed by his so called ‘spiritual father’, Ed Dufresne, who saw no issue with the union. I guess he forgot to read Leviticus 18 or 1 Corinthians 5!”

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 2.26.19 PMWho is Ed Dufresne? Well, basically he was a very close friend to Mark T. Barclay and a troubled Word of Faith minister, who recently died a horrible death much like the evil heretic Arius.

It was reported last week that so called prophet Ed Dufresne plane exploded in the sky after a climb of more than 10 thousand feet and plane parts were strung out for more then a mile and from the gruesome report–it also seems body parts were also found in the scattered wreckage.

Way back in the middle to late 1990’s and 2000’s I attended a few of Mr. Defresne meetings while I lived in the United States. It wasn’t exactly like being in a Kenneth E. Hagin Sr service–which I also attended when I visited Rhema Bible College earlier that decade–but it was on a similar level, because Defresne was one of Hagin’s copy cats.

One of the main emphasis in all of Ed Defresne ministry teachings was his anti-denominational beliefs, which clearly was the basis of a lot of his false teachings and it’s interesting to note that his calling was based on voices and personal visions that he said were from Jesus.

While Defresne preaching would be considered pretty good in Word-faith circles. Much of it was out of personal experience and not based on Scripture alone nor to my knowledge was is preaching exegetical enough to call it true biblical teaching.

In other words, the majority of his teachings stemmed from Word-faith and clerical ideas supported and lines up exactly to what is being practiced and preached in other Charismatic offshoots today. Such as in many of the Shepherding and Third Wave movements.

In recent years, prophet Ed Dufresne conducted an disgusting act of the incestuous marriage to his long time son in the faith Doctor and

Reverend Bill Matthews of Solid Rock Church in Elk River, Minnesota to Matthew’s own daughter-in-law.

From what I understand, the Reverends’ wife was sick and dying while he was carrying out an affair with his own son’s wife in another room. All along while the good son was away serving the country in the military.

I can hardly imagine such an heinous act being done like this… As in Christian leader as doing incestuous fornication! That this father should have and take his own son’s wife, which is his daughter in law! And beyond that the absolute the depraved sick conduct of Mr. Ed Dufresne’s part in bringing the two incest couple together in a covenant union.

This depraved conduct is beyond words…. But then again we have Mark T. Barclay who was Defresne close buddy preaching something much more heinously sick and more evil in the Church with his heretical teaching on the Doctrine of the Trinity!

This depraved conduct is beyond words…. But then again we have Mark T. Barclay who was Defresne close buddy preaching something much more heinously sick and more evil in the Church with his heretical teaching on the Doctrine of the Trinity! By the wayTrinitarian heresy, like incestuous fornication, destroys the temple of God!

So right after his wife’s death and his son’s divorce prophet Ed Dufresne and long time close ministry friend of Mark T. Barclay conducted the scandalous incest union between Reverend Bill Matthews and his daughter-in-law.

Incest defined

Incest is sexual activity between family members and close relatives. This may include sexual activity between people in a consangueous relationship (blood relations), or related by affinity, such as members of the same household, step relatives, those related by adoption or marriage, or members of the same clan or lineage.

1. Sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. 2. The statutory crime of sexual relations with such a near relative.

It should be noted that the incestuous marriage, even as of recently before Defresne death. That prophet Dufresne preached at Reverend Matthew’s church multiple times and this comes after Defresne did under Barclay’s friendship this sinful and heinous act in marrying the couple.

“Here I also want to add that just because this pastor got married to his daughter in law. That this doesn’t mean that the sin of incest is cleared, because they are married now. But the fact is, that he is living in incest even after the marriage…” Ken Mattson

Here I also want to add that just because this pastor got married to his daughter in law. That this doesn’t mean that the sin of incest is cleared, because they are married now. But the fact is, that he is living in incest even after the marriage.

Moreover, it’s not just incest which is shameful in itself that he is living in, but it’s compounded and more deprave being Incestuous Fornication. So, if you are one of Barclay’s and Defresnes connected leaders and thinking that this pastor is already cleared of sin like Mark T. Barclay, because he is married. Well, then you are completely wrong, because biblically he is not!

Beyond that, this is a matter of his sin and Matthew’s incestuous sin that Ed Defresne should have dealt with after marry the incest couple. Then condone and cover his actions someway like Mark T. Barclay Ministries did both morally and theologically in regards to Defresnse friendship and conduct is radically sinful, because Scripture doesn’t condone such sick sin, which he committed himself as a minster and a so called prophet.

But then again there are others who were notified about his shame in Mark T. Barclay’s Righteous Preachers Network like Mac Hammond who did nothing to stop this shameful actions of so called prophet Ed Defresne!

In regarding the incidence of incest in the Corinthian Church, Pentecostal theologian Gordon Fee writes in his commentary:

“The problem, however, is not simply a relaxed attitude toward sin, but whether they also tried to give a theological basis for it and thereby to condone it.”

Pentecostal and New Testament theologian Gordon D. Fee. The Case of the Incestuous Man. Page 197, Commentary on First Corinthians.

“…but had his father been dead, and he, after his decease, married to her, it had been incest still, but neither fornication nor adultery in the strictest sense. But to marry her, or keep her as a concubine, while his father was alive, though he had repudiated her, or she had deserted him, whether she were his own mother or not, was incestuous fornicationMatthew Henry on First Corinthians.

But in contrary to biblical holiness and morality, Mark T. Barclay has this to say this on Ed Dufrasne his long time ministry buddy who recently conducted the marriage that resulted in this unthinkably incestuous fornication sin:

“Another great earth warrior and champion, Dr. Ed Dufresne, has entered Heaven to fellowship that much closer with the Jesus he loved so much and to wander there with great glee and joy in the place he preached about so often. He’s now fellowshipping with one of his favorite men of God, Dr. Kenneth Hagin….Over the years, Brother Dufresne and I have ministered together in many, many conferences and outpouring meetings. I know he will be rewarded in Heaven and, of course, extremely missed here on earth.”

Really Barclay? You make your friendship with Ed’s sickness sound so flowery. Why is he Ed not fellowshipping with the Apostle Paul who part of the true Church and inspired by the Holy Spirit wrote against Defresne’s sin of marrying this couple?

Your close buddy is a champion…..of incest and fornication? And Barclay presumptuously calls himself a preacher of righteousness! But yet refused to do anything about his ministry buddy who conducted this heinous act of marrying this incestuous couple and not only a couple, but Christian leaders.

False prophet and heretic pastor Mark T. Barclay like all other heretics is a great liar like his father the devil, who was a liar from the beginning and like Barclay there is no truth in the devil! Mark T. Barclay’s preaching on morality is paper thin and we can see this and it’s only to draw people to himself for money and followers.

If this wasn’t so, then Barclay would have dealt with Ed Dufresne and others in heinous sin that his close friends commit on a national level. This is the same thing when Mark T. Barclay comes to the pulpit and says that he believes in the Trinity, but then denies such orthodoxy with his evil heresy. This is because he is a liar and walking in great darkness, which the Christian Church has condemned.

Last Updated: March 2016, this post in the process of being updated. 

Mark T. Barclay: Accusations by way of Ad Hominem, by Ken Mattson

Ad hominem

1. appealing to one’s prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one’s intellect or reason.

2. attacking an opponent’s character rather than answering his argument.

Definition from

I have been meaning to address this this accusation for a while. I even wanted to do a podcast for this one, but I never got around in having enough time and my 2010 Macbook decided to finally quit. So, I was left to do blogging for the last 8 months on Windows until I received my new Macbook a few weeks ago.

Do I hate Mark T. Barclay? 

For one, I think this is a stupid question, but then again in the mind of his followers, it may be a legible one.

Though on the contrary, I certainly don’t do this blog out of hate for anyone and not even hate for false prophet as Mark T. Barclay or even other cults like the Latter Day Saints. But I blog out of the commandment to contend for the faith.

“Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people.” Jude 1:3

One of the questions that I’ve personally had and it’s been a rhetorical one so far is why hasn’t anyone else said anything about Barclay’s heretical teaching on the Orthodox Doctrine on the Trinity?

Even though that question has been rhetorical, from what I’ve seen in reality is that most Christians who know better, would rather Facebook about American right wing politics, than do any kind of apologetic work that would overtime help the Church in Mid-Michigan and further in the United States.

When I first wrote about the Captivity of Amazing Grace Church, I wrote this:

“Just as a donkey spoke to the false prophet Balaam, so to do donkeys speak to Mark T. Barclay today, but these donkeys are only analogous to the dumbness of the animal. The donkeys I am referring to are the men who I have mentioned before in Barclay’s own Preacher of Righteousness Network. These men are theological anorexics who flatter Barclay even as he is in deep error.”

While I still think that statement is true. I think it’s even worse, because of the radical acceptance of heresy that runs across the board in regards to the prophet ministry of Mark T. Barclay.

Helps Ministry

Helps Ministry

These men who have been trained by Mark T. Barclay are absolute stupids in Pauline terms! For many of the men can’t think theologically beyond cleaning toilets in the help’s ministry at Barclay’s own church….(Yes, they are theologically dumb as the back side of Balaam’s donkey!)

So the reality is when this blog wrote with concise examples about how Mark T. Barclay by his own evil has not only categorically denied the Trinity, but has taught heretically on this central doctrine. These men have the extreme audacity to come back and say that he has done differently. Well, it’s an astonishing show of their absolute ignorance of basic Biblical Christianity….!

“We call him Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. You are made after the image of God. You are a spirit…you have a soul…you live in a body. God’s a three-part being. Humans were created by God in Eden as a three-part being.” Mark T. Barclay-The names of God part two.

These men show knowing more about Mark T. Barclay’s ‘neat’ sock drawer, than Christian doctrine!(And they have the nerve to called that bible college). I mean, for Pete’s sake, when was having a tidy sock drawer an character of a man of God? I thought it was sound doctrine! Well, Gandhi, probably had a perfect sock drawer, if he even wore socks that is…

But on a more serious note, this coincides with one recent poll reported that atheist and agnostics know more about the Bible and Christian doctrine much better than Evangelicals. Mormons and Jewish believers came in second place. From the standpoint of this blog and from my interaction with Mark T. Barclay Preacher of Righteousness network leaders. I’d say the ignorance is even worse with men who are under Barclay’s leadership.

For example in Mark T. Barclay’s Minister of Righteousness Network, we can see this from the teachings of Chuck Seeley, who also is a Mayor of Breckenridge, Michigan. Not only is he a mayor, but he is also the worship leader at Amazing Grace Church.

I used Charlie, because his views reflect the great evil by way of false teachings that have come out of Amazing Grace Church in Wheeler, Michigan, which is under Mark T. Barclay’s leadership. For Chuck Seeley, will point blank tell anyone that Pelagius was a christian saint.

I personally know this, because I heard Richard Jolliff teach it and I confronted Chuck Seeley privately through email and Seeley emphatically wrote me back that Pelagius was indeed a saint and not a heretic. Even though in reality, every bit of history describes Pelagius and Pelagianism differently.

Pelagius (354 – 420?) a British monk famous for his piety, but declared a heretic for denying original sin.

Who was Pelagius? He was a preacher of righteousness and very moral like Gandhi, but don’t let his morality preaching fool you. Pelagius was an evil heretic and condemned by more Church councils than any other heretic in the history of Christianity.

And not only condemned heretic, Pelagius’s teachings are behind the most heinous crimes in the history of humanity. Like the ones committed byhitler Nazi Germany against God’s chosen people, the Jews, the child medical experiments at Auschwitz and all the other horrors of World War II were all spawned from the man Pelagius who Chuck Seeley heretically teaches was a saint.

William P. Farley writes for the Assembly of God’s Enrichment Journal:

The opposite is also true. Failure to emphasize the doctrine of sin usually amplifies evil. The better we feel about ourselves the worse we usually become. In the 20th century, Pelagian ideals have unleashed untold horrors. All the utopian movements of the last 100 years — Communism, Fascism, and Nazism — started and built on Pelagian assumptions about man.

So as a minister and mayor, why would Chuck Seeley teach that Pelagius was a saint even when Pelagian ideas were behind Nazism? It’s the same horrible reason why Richard Jolliff of the same church would let Mark T. Barclay act like Hitler in the damnation of Protestant Christianity at Amazing Grace Church.

It’s an example of their great darkness that works against the Church and humanity. Men who are led by the spirit of error along with their leader and prophet Mark T. Barclay. Men, proven to have no regard for Biblical Christianity. Openly teaching evil so great that it’s not only heretical in regards to the Trinity, but it’s also murderous in regards to God’s people!

Children medical experiments

Children medical experiments, Auschwitz

Without doubt and by facts alone we know what these men teach by the simple truth of what they teach. It’s not rocket science here! The sad thing is that it’s obvious that Mark T. Barclay’s followers don’t read the bible. Nor are they submitted to the authority of Scripture, because they are unable to recognize great error even on basic Biblical doctrines as the Trinity.

The truth is that Mark T. Barclay’s teaching on the Trinity is evil. For he teaches that the one God doesn’t eternally exist as three distinct persons-the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  But instead Barclay teaches that God is made up or composed of parts, which is heretical and is the worse Trinitarian heresy in the history of Christianity.

“His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds; who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person.” Hebrews 1:2-3 KJV

Frankly, there is no way that any verse in regards to the Godhead can be rendered as “parts” or a “part”, because it would have been translated so by the New Testament translators.  We can easily make this conclusion, because even the Authorized Version doesn’t support such aweful hermeneutics as in Mark T. Barclay’s heresy….

And the express image of his person; this intends much the same as the other phrase; namely, equality and sameness of nature, and distinction of persons; for if the Father is God, Christ must be so too; and if he is a person, his Son must be so likewise, or he cannot be the express image and character of him.Bible Study Tools

It’s just more proof directly from Scripture itself that Mark T. Barclay is in deep heretical error and is worshiping and prophesying by a different Christ who is not the Father’s express image of His “person”.

The Doctrine of the Trinity and the Orthodox doctrine of the Person of Christ is not a Calvinist doctrine though it’s held by Calvinist believers, nor is the Trinity just a Pentecostal or Charismatic doctrine! But it’s a shared doctrine by the Church.

So, when this blog or any other theologian writes about the Doctrine of the Trinity, we end up quoting a vast range of theologians and pastors from all across the Body of Christ, space and time. Because of this, we can say that the defining doctrines that separate the Kingdom of Christ from the Kingdom of Cults are these central doctrines of the Trinity and the Person of Christ.

And on top of that, we need to quote what Scripture has stated, because as we can see. Mark T. Barclay’s teaching on the Trinity is not for one second supported by Scripture alone nor by Christian orthodoxy and historically has been condemned as heresy.

Most bankers will know a counterfeit dollar bill from a real dollar bill by what it feels like. And in a very similar way by comparison, we know that beyond a shadow of doubt that Mark T. Barclay is a counterfeit and a great liar, along with being a heretic by what he falsely teaches and prophesies.

In other words, just as counterfeit bills can be identified by those who used them. We, also know that Mark T. Barclay when compared to the hitler-e-mussoliniChurch’s orthodox teachings and the Bible concerning the Doctrine of the Trinity and the Person of Christ that Mark T. Barclay is a counterfeit.

In closing, Barclay and his faithful my use ad hominems against this blog and blogger, but it doesn’t change the truth that he is a heretic and his ministry is a dangerous cult. And that goes also for other men in Barclay’s Preacher of Righteousness network like Chuck Seeley.

As we’ve seen above, Pelagius was no saint, but he was a heretic, and historically a condemned heretic and his teaching is responsible for the Third Reich and the medical experiments on jewish children and the murder of millions of God’s people under Hitler’s Germany.

I just would like to say many blessings to all who have read the blog and followed it through last year.

Top Post for 2012

Top Post for 2012

Until it was confirmed by Barclay himself, I only knew out of inference before 2012 that Mark T. Barclay was teaching falsely on the Trinity. It was from Barclay’s clear lack of understanding basic teachings such as the saving nature of grace, justification by faith, sanctification/holiness, union with Christ, and the resurrection of Christ that I knew it.

I even thought for a long time that Mark T. Barclay was just fumbling like other Word-faith teachers at basic Christian doctrine. The clarity of the Gospel was missing in both Barclay’s books and teachings, and this is because the Trinity was missing, which furnishes the keys to all other doctrines in the entire Bible, thus Mark T. Barclay was teaching a different Christ and prophesying by a different Christ. Moreover, Mark T. Barclay is a heretic who just doesn’t fumble at basic Christian doctrine like many of his pastor followers, but Mark is a false teacher as the Church has declared and self-condemned as Scripture says about other heretics, because of his evil teachings on the Godhead.

A “God” who is made up of parts as Barclay heretically teaches can’t save. Only the Triune Jehovah of Scripture who the Church has faithfully preached saves. The  glorious God who is alone Triune in personality, being God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is the only one true God and Saviour, because it took all members of the divine Trinity to redeem sinfully lost mankind.

So, if you are reading this blog and you don’t know God, and you want to personally know God who is Triune and glorious, you can. It takes repentance and belief. No sin is small and an all sin deserves damnation. Only through believing and totally trusting in Christ can you be saved from eternal hell and have eternal life and given the gift of righteousness. Only by resting on Christ alone and by grace alone can you receive justification and eternal life.




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Mark T. Barclay and the Donkey: The Captivity of Amazing Grace Church

By Ken Mattson

“Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness; But was rebuked for his iniquity: the dumb ass speaking with man’s voice forbad the madness of the prophet.” 2 Peter 2

Just as a donkey spoke to the false prophet Balaam, so to do donkeys speak to Mark T. Barclay today, but these donkeys are only analogous to the dumbness of the animal. The donkeys I am referring to are the men who I have mentioned before in Barclay’s own Preacher of Righteousness Network.[1] These men are theological anorexics who flatter Barclay even as he is in deep error.

These men are dumb asses and stupid as the people in Galatia! Men who have no regard for the integrity of Scripture. Men who have lost their call as a minister to love sound doctrine, but in exchange for orthodoxy they worship an idol made by the evil blasphemies from Barclay’s own mouth.[2]

By making God comprehensible instead of being incomprehensible. Barclay has made God into a creature like his son Josh with parts instead of co-equal persons and by teaching that God is not immutable and changes like in the Mormon doctrine of eternal progression, all along destroying the Creator and creature differences. Mark T. Barclay like Balam is leading God’s people away from the God who is Tripersonal and these men follow with vigor like sheep to the slaughter.

God is a Spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, in his being, wisdom,power,holiness, justice, goodness, and truth.” WSC

God is Spirit and not parts! God is divine persons and not parts as heretics teach. God does not change, but false teachers like Barclay teach that God changed some point in time into Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Barclay’s teaching on the Holy Trinity is not only evil by the breaking of the Second commandment, but it is compounded with heresies. In other words, it is not just one Trinitarian heresy he is teaching, but it is manifold and destructive.

Partialism …taught that Father, Son and Holy Spirit together are components of the one God. This led them to believe that each of the persons of the Trinity is only part God, only becoming fully God when they come together.” Trinitarian Heresies

If Barclay is right as these donkey-men think, than the whole Church throughout history is wrong and every heretic that has been condemned as a heretic for teaching things like Barclay on the Trinity are fully in line with Christian orthodoxy.

The three Persons are not each part of God, but are each fully God and equally God. Within God’s one undivided being there is an unfolding into three interpersonal relationships such that there are three Persons.”[3]

Darkness leads to more darkness! In a letter that will be soon made an open public letter to Richard Jolliff at Amazing Grace Church in Wheeler, Michigan. I asked why Barclay was able to teach given that he has taught falsely on the Trinity, but in the end no response was given. Why was flattery given to such a great heretic in the presence of a feeble congregation, who many were confused if Barclay really taught blasphemy? Given Mark T. Barclay Ministries cult status, it is a good question to ask.

1. All Cults deviate from orthodoxy. 2. Mark T. Barclay Ministries deviates from orthodoxy. 3. Therefore, Mark T. Barclay Ministries is a cult. So it is perfectly and legally right to use the word ‘cult’ when referring to Mark T. Barclay and his ministry at Living Word International and his Preacher of Righteousness Network,[6] because Mark has deviated “from the orthodox teachings of the historic Christian faith being derived from the Bible and confirmed through the ancient ecumenical creeds.”

Why do men like Richard Jolliff and Chuck Seeley need to answer? The reason is this is exactly what God is asking them if they are true ministers of the Gospel. This is a matter of sound doctrine and Christian orthodoxy and the true Church begs the question. So, Richard and Charlie, for the sake of your congregation. Why did you allow Mark T. Barclay to preach after you knew he was teaching a destructive heresy? Moreover, why was the one who stood up for Christian orthodoxy like myself allowed to be dismissed as a wrong doer?[4]

Those that permit the Holy Spirit to be their Father. Those who will allow the Holy Spirit, remember he’s not a third Person, he is God made up of three parts just likemy son Josh and his soul is not some body else and his spirit is not someone else, and so I got to decipher…….Now there’s not three people, it’s just one Josh three parts. There’s not three Gods, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, he’s just one. He’s just got three parts. So this great Holy Spirit wants to father you.” Jesus, the Command Giver – Mark T. Barclay

God does not bless heresy! God’s judgement is upon all heretics who have been predestined for such blasphemies as Mark T. Barclay! Their condemnation was written about long ago as Scripture tells even though it has not been manifested yet! It is a scary thing to fall in the hands of the Lord. There needs to be great repentance upon Barclay and his network of other Trinitarian deniers. Such men who preach Word-faith ideas on the tithe, yet deny the Trinity who is the only true God.

One person from Amazing Grace Church even condemned me and told me that if I think like this about Barclay than I could delete her off Facebook, but in the end she deleted me. Unlike Chuck Seeley though, who blatantly blocked me and wouldn’t answer me, she went on and told me that everything that comes out of Mark’s mouth is anointed and God ordained.

That is very scary that she would even think that way about Barclay’s words, but this is the kind of teaching coming out of Amazing Grace Church. Chuck Seeley told me six years ago that the condemned heretic Pelagius was actually a saint and he openly denied the historical data condemning Pelagius and his false teachings.[5]

One begs to question the logic in that, but it is an example of darkness. As I said before darkness leads to more darkness and when one is on the road of believing lies it happens little by little like a canker-worm that multiplies into millions overwhelming its host. Did Chuck Seeley lie? Historically against the church, yes. There is no logical way that it could not be one. Believing a lie or protecting a false teaching? There is no doubt that something false and evil was being taught behind that lie.

So using a simple deductive argument one could easily argue that Mr. Seeley is unfit for public service. I mean, if he is getting important historical data wrong on the Church and past heretics and heresies, than how is Chuck Seeley dealing with American history and current history? How can he even interpret American law properly without the history behind it? No American court would do such! Chuck is America founded on communism or democracy? Was Hitler a saint?

All throughout the Preacher of Righteousness network, there are churches like this who like Barclay have factual historical things completely distorted. This type of distortion has led to the acceptance of the greatest heresy to ever affect and infect the Church, which is the denial of the co-eternal and co-equal persons of the Trinity, which things are taught by Mark T. Barclay, Jehovah Witnesses and other cults.

In heaven Jesus was not known as Jesus, he was known as the Word. In Genesis Chapter. 1, it defines the Trinity of God, the three parts of God. You are made by the way after his image, three parts. There was a Creator, he was later called Jehovah. There was his word, later on when he come here God said you call this baby, not the Word, but Jesus which really means Yahshua….and then of course the bible talks about the Spirit of God……now these aren’t three different people. We teach them sorta, kinda almost as three different people for the sake of teaching. Now that Creator, Word and Spirit for the sake of man understanding and relating was changed by God, you can read it in the Scriptures, I know you know this, forgive me this so elementary. But it was changed to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”Mark T. Barclay

One of the problems is that these donkey-men and Barclay think that they are not accountable to people in the Body of Christ and that they can teach anything they want to. Barclay at one point referred to this blog or a similar one and basically said, “but who is he to correct me?”. Would the Apostle of Paul have said such a thing? Certainly not! Paul after calling the Galatians stupid, told them that even if he came to them speaking another gospel different than what they heard even he should be accounted accursed.

The Apostle did not put himself above the correction of the Christian community as Barclay and his donkey-men do, but Paul recognized the seriousness of error and the consequences it has on the Church. Paul also did not believe in some sort of clericalism that Barclay learned from the U.S Military, which only a person above him can correct him for error. In the Church this is worldly and at best cultic and it reminds me of the super-apostles of Paul’s day, but even the Apostle said, What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe.”1 Corinthians 3:5

Paul, like the other Apostles recognized the authority of Holy Scripture and put his ministry under the criticism of it by the Body of Christ. Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. Acts 17:11

A vivid picture is beautifully manifested of the early Church here and that is a church who has leaders like Paul who are under the authority of Scripture and who are even rebukable or worse by the community of believers, if they do not preach sound doctrine. It is also a Church that has people who like the Bereans who were accounted more noble when they eagerly examine the Word to see if what Paul said was true.

But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse!” Galatians 1:8-9

All Christians are called to contend for the faith as Jude tells the Church. It is not just a select few people or scripture would not have commanded believers to do so or even given the even simplest Christians an anointing to know the difference between error and sounds doctrine.

I am writing these things to you about those who are trying to lead you astray. As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit—just as it has taught you, remain in him. 1John 2:26

So is this contending for the faith happening today? No, not in to many places in Mid-Michigan! At Amazing Grace Church it is not happening. The door has been shut off to any kind of Scriptural accountability, but only to Mark T. Barclay and maybe a few others who are donkeys also. I have watched Amazing Grace Church for years now and the people that have moved on from there had many gifts to offer. Musicians, international actors, artist, video professionals, theologian teachers, and the list goes on and on, but it was Jolliff’s lack of leadership that didn’t keep them.[6]

Why do I say that and how? Because it happened over and over and what is left is a people who are not theological enough to stand up to false teaching, even a evil denial of the orthodox teaching of the Trinity! Richard Jolliff with his southern back woods mentality is so focused on trying to be a ‘leader’ that he has not been capable of being an “unprofessional” as John Piper puts it and be a pastor of people-delighting in theology. This is a big problem, because in the end, instead of finding his identity in Christian orthodoxy, Richard Jolliff finds identity in the heretic Mark T. Barclay.

Lastly, one of the characteristics we read is if one is in Christ, that person would recognize false teaching. It is a rightful question to ask many of these people like Richard Jolliff and Charles Seeley if they are really indeed in Christ. They clearly are not able to recognize heresy, even a flat out denial of the orthodox teaching on the Trinity! Either scripture is true or it is not… Scripture is infallibly true though and the problem here is not with Scripture, but there is something drastically not right with Jolliff and Seeley.

Why can I say that? Because as we read in John every person in Christ has an anointing to recognize false teachers and heresy. If Jolliff and Seeley had that anointing than there is no way they would have accepted a false teaching, especially one that denies the Tripersonality of God like Mark T. Barclay.

“All Christians believe the doctrine of the Trinity. If you do not believe this—that is, if you have come to a settled conclusion that the doctrine of the Trinity is not true—you are not a Christian at all. You are in fact a heretic. Those words may sound harsh, but they represent the judgment of the Christian church across the centuries. Christians in every land unite in proclaiming that our God eternally exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Those who deny that truth place themselves outside the pale of Christian orthodoxy.” Ray Pritchard

P.S. Those who say that “Mark T. Barclay is my pastor”. I just want to tell you that unless Mark is present in your churches on a weekly basis, properly administer Word and Sacrament that there is no biblical way that he can be your pastor, but only on a cultic level can he even be your pastor! Just think of all the tithes and offerings that you robbed your own churches of only to give it into the hands of a cult.

To be continued in act two.


1.I say all of that because you have stated that you and your other Preacher of Righteousness members have tested your relationship with Mark T. Barclay and “the man’s life and his doctrine and all of them are shining like gold.” That’s absolutely frightening that you would say something like that and you are a pastor, given Mark T. Barclay’s heretical teaching on the Holy Trinity. Heresy doesn’t get more clearer, but then again you are very ignorant!

2. As the dog that turns to his own vomit, so these men are drunk from the vomit that flows from Barclay’s heresy.

3.“The three Persons are not each part of God, but are each fully God and equally God. Within God’s one undivided being there is an unfolding into three interpersonal relationships such that there are three Persons. The distinctions within the Godhead are not distinctions of His essence and neither are they something added on to His essence, but they are the unfolding of God’s one, undivided being into three interpersonal relationships such that there are three real Persons.”

4. This is because both of them are stupid as the Galatians while even yet being ministers. I can quote to them all day the church fathers to the Wesley’s to every single charismatic and Pentecostal theologian-pastors who some of them I personally know and been in their conferences! They to like Mark T. Barclay are standing outside the pale of Christian Orthodoxy.

5. After Chuck disagreed on the historical data from the Church on Pelagius telling me he was a saint, he said that he loved me. That’s fine Seeley, but I’m not looking for you to love me, because the God who is Tripersonal loved me and thus everlastingly loves me with his election unto salvation in Christ. I am wondering if you are in Christ and love the truth of Christianity! There is something greatly wrong with you if you are not believing historical truth and accepting a heretics like Pelagius and Barclay and not recognizing the greatest error to ever affect the Church, which is very evil, a denial of the Triune God, who alone is Tripersonal and glorious!!

6.The legacy of Amazing Grace Church from Richard Jolliff onwards is one of moving away from Christian orthodoxy. There are no other words for it! Why would any pastor let a person preach fully knowing they deny the orthodox teaching on the Trinity? Moreover, the removal of good ministers, the evil condemnation of Protestantism and the acceptance of the leadership of an heretic who is in denial of the evangelical doctrine of the Trinity. Error that is so great that it destroys the Gospel and Biblical Christianity! So(Amazing Grace Church), because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. You say, ‘I am rich(with Barclay’s heretical leadership); I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold(Christian orthodoxy) refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see.” Rev 3:16-18 You may be wondering why I just put Amazing Grace Church into those verses and used it allegorically. This is because I can and it’s nothing new, because in the history of Christianity, the Church fathers did the same when dealing with other great heretical deniers of the Triunity of God.

Mark T. Barclay and Modalism: The Man outside Ecclesia by Ken Mattson

man-with-l-for-loser_1Those that permit the Holy Spirit to be their Father. Those who will allow the Holy Spirit, remember he’s not a third Person, he is God made up of three parts just like…my son Josh and his soul is not some body else and his spirit is not someone else, and so I got to decipher…….Now there’s not three people, it’s just one Josh three parts. There’s not three Gods, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, he’s just one. He’s just got three parts. So this great Holy Spirit wants to father you.”Jesus, the Command Giver – Mark T. Barclay

In one of my last posts I wrote, “one of the striking realities in both Barclay’s books, teachings and worship services is the lack of Trinitarianism and it’s easy to see why with such devastatingly definitions as we see above. In one single swoop Barclay dismantles biblical orthodoxy and the chain reaction to other biblical doctrines is cataclysmic.” [1]

After writing that I started wondering how cataclysmic this heresy was in the life of Mark T. Barclay’s church, because as we seen in other post the guy does not understand basic Christianity. So in this post I will look at the destructiveness of Barclay’s denial of the Christian orthodox teaching of the Trinity and how it affects worship in his services, but first I want to take a little time an talk about worship.

Christianity is a true religion and a revealed faith or in other words it is a religion of revelation. Our knowledge of God does not come through anything human made, but it comes because God reveals himself. The bible is a book of revelation and we see God’s self-revelation in the Trinitarian economy of Salvation.

The doctrine of the Trinity states that God is one, yet in some mysterious sense also three: Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the work of redemption is one in which all three act together, the Father purposing it, the Son securing it and the Spirit applying it.[2] Thus, against all heresies the Church has stated the Divine Trinity is the full revelation of God.

So what is the practical outworking of the doctrine of the Trinity? 1. That Christian worship first must be governed by God’s revelation of Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 2. True worship is grounded in that truth God is Triune and that true worship must be centered in the Trinity. This means that in a worship service, the contents of the service must be Trinitarian.

What I mean by the contents of the service is what is called liturgy. No church is without liturgy, even churches who say they have no liturgy do have liturgy and usually it is a bad liturgy born out of practices done over time. This is why the Church through out history has endeavored to be faithful to Trinitarian worship in its liturgy by singing the Doxology[3] which is a Trinitarian hymn and reciting the Apostle’s and the Nicene creeds which are Trinitarian confessions.[4]

The outworking of Trinitarian worship is accomplished by the liturgical practice of the administration of the Word and Sacraments or what are know as ‘means of grace’ in Protestantism. The Church is most truly the Church as it celebrates both Baptism and Holy Communion which is the Eucharist.[5] Thus, worship takes its sharpest focus in the Eucharistic celebration.

The Eucharist does this precisely, because when receiving the Church participates in the life of the Trinity. Believers are spiritually nourished feeding upon Christ crucified and all the benefits of his death are received by faith. The Second Person of the Trinity is truly spiritually present via God the Holy Spirit by faith to the believer in the Eucharist celebration. Moreover, the benefits of Christ’s redeeming work on the cross are given by the gracious work of the Spirit and received by faith alone. [6]

So how does this contrast with Barclay’s heretical teachings on the Divine Trinity? The contrast is so drastic that it brings devastation to biblical worship on a seismic scale. The flood of false teaching that sweeps through Barclay’s services as in his books can only be likened to the raging waves of a tsunami, pillaging Trinitarian worship wherever it goes.

Barclay’s entire liturgical focus in his service is the tithe and multiple offerings. His services do not culminate in the celebration of Christ’s life, vicarious death and resurrection celebrated in the Holy Eucharist. Worship though, culminates in heretical practices born out of the Prosperity Gospel on sowing and reaping of money, which takes center stage in Mark T. Barclay’s services.

The true New Testament Church is not a tithing Church, but it is a Eucharistic Church, worshiping one God in Trinity and Trinity in Unity. When Barclay teaches on the Trinity it is heresy by describing the Godhead as parts and not Persons and teaching their eternal names were changed.[7] His teachings on the Trinity are akin to Modalism and this has devastating repercussions both to the whole of Christian doctrine and to the life of the Church as we have seen above. This is because doctrine should never be seen as an abstraction to Christian life.

In the life of the Trinity, relational terms given in the bible are not accidental, but they are permanent features in the life of God. The Son is always the Son and the Father is always the Father and same with the Spirit. Simply put, the Triune Jehovah is eternal and as we are taught in scripture does not change. “Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is from eternity……..and everything to the contrary must be rejected as heretical.” Thomas Aquinas

Mark T. Barclay states that he is considered a leader among other leaders and even in one publication calls himself a global leader, which should be considered frightening. I think that the Antichrist will do the same thing, because he also will be a liar. When Barclay falsely teaches on the Trinity it is heresy and it is not by the Spirit of God, but it is by the spirit of error. Scripture is super clear where all false teaching comes from and Barclay like other heretics stands outside the Church.[8]

Lastly, I want to end with the Pentecostal view of the Eucharist, because I can most likely guess that Barclay is not teaching this, given that he has not studied Christian history.

I’ve always chuckled when I read about Pentecostal history and Barclay’s shaming discourse against Calvinism at Richard Jolliff’s church. I have ‘chuck’old, because it is like a satire. [9] Here the ‘theologian’ condemns Calvinism, yet John Calvin’s fingerprint can be seen in key doctrines in Pentecostalism, such as Ecclesiology, Sanctification and especially the Lord’s Supper. He not only condemns Calvinism by lies, but he also inadvertently speaks against his own tradition being a Pentecostal/charismatic.

P.S. Mark, the next time you salute, please make your hand into an ‘L’ shape on your forehead.

Pentecostal teaching of on the Eucharist

The book Foundations of Pentecostal Theology

The elements, when received by faith, mediate to the believer the spiritual benefits of Christ’s Death, held by Calvin and the majority of the reformers. The elements in themselves are only tokens, but when received by faith, real communion with the Lord is experienced and the benefits of that communion may be mediated. This seems to be the more scriptural view.” (See 1 Cor. 10:16; 11:27, 28, 29.) “Foundations of Pentecostal Theology” written by Foursquare stalwarts Nathaniel Van Cleave and Guy Duffield

The book Pentecostal Sacraments, 2010

A Pentecostal theology implies that the Spirit moves upon the sacramental elements which become a “means of grace” in the context of the worshipping church as a Trinitarian fellowship.”

Sacraments are charismatic by nature. Sacraments are spiritual graces and those who participate in faith encounter the “real presence” of Christ through the Holy Spirit.”

Wesley held to a Pneumatic view of the ‘real presence’ in Holy Communion, similar to John Calvin.”

Quotes taken from “Pentecostal Sacraments, Encountering God at the Alter.” Written by Daniel Tomberlin, 2010.


1. Mark T. Barclay and Modalism.

2. Knowing God by J.I. Packer.

3. Doxology: Praise God from whom all blessings flow;Praise Him, all creatures here below;Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;Amen

4. Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds, Also, in faithfulness to the Trinity, the Church baptizes in the Trinitarian formula.

5. This is a beautiful passage, “We are one body because we partake of one loaf” (1 Corinthians 10:16-17). “The church can be found in all its fullness wherever the eucharist is being celebrated”. Eastern Orthodox John Zizioulas’s theology on the Being as Communion taken from Introduction to Ecclesiology by Pentecostal Theologian Veli Matti Karkkainen, page 101.

6. Westminster Confession of Faith, Chapter XXIX Of The Lord’s Supper.  Also noted in the bloggers mind is Martin Luther’s Marks of the Church, which is also a Protestant view. 

7. “In heaven Jesus was not known as Jesus, he was known as the word. In Genesis Chapter 1 it defines the Trinity of God, the three parts of God. You are made by the way after his image, three parts. There was a Creator, he was later called Jehovah, there was his word, later on when he come here. God said you call this baby, not the Word, but Jesus which really means Yahshua…. which really means the savior….So this Word in heaven he was the Word and then of course the bible talks about the Spirit of God there hovering over the creation of God. So there was the Creator he spoke through the power of his word……now these aren’t three different people. We teach them sorta, kinda almost as three different people for the sake of teaching. Now that Creator, Word and Spirit for the sake of man understanding and relating was changed by God, you can read it in the Scriptures, I know you know this, forgive me this so elementary. But it was changed to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Father, the Creator, the Son of God really the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us….and then the Spirit, the great Holy Spirit……So you are three parts right after the image of God.” Mark T. Barclay, Jesus, the command giver.

8. 1 John 4:1-6, also look at the warning to false teachers like Barclay. Notice it says falsehood. If there is any sin that is the king of falsehood it is heresy, because it’s the twisting of eternal truth. Rev 22:11 “Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. 15 Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

“In the Trinity, there are three distinct Persons in one being, and each one is fully God.  Yet there is only one God, not three Gods (that would be tri-theism, which is polytheism). The problem with the son/husband/father analogy is that you have only one person—a man. He’s one man playing three different roles. This isn’t the Trinity.  It’s an ancient heresy called modalism, which teaches that God simply exists in three different “modes.” That isn’t the orthodox, historic teaching of the church.” Christianity 101, Fred Sanders

NOTE: “The ancient church did in fact speak strongly on this issue, and decided that in fact the broad outlines of trintarian Christianity are among the things necessary for salvation.” Fred Sanders

“Whosoever will be saved,before all things it is necessary that he hold the catholic [universal] faith; Which faith except every one do keep whole and undefiled, without doubt he shall perish everlastingly. And the catholic faith is this: That we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity; Neither confounding the persons nor dividing the substance. For there is one person of the Father, another of the Son, and another of the Holy Spirit…..So the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God;  And yet they are not three Gods, but one God.” 5th-century Athanasian Creed 

…taught that Father, Son and Holy Spirit together are components of the one God. This led them to believe that each of the persons of the Trinity is only part God, only becoming fully God when they come together.

9. Barclay distorted Biblical Calvinism by calling it ‘once saved always saved’ and referred to Calvinism as damnable doctrines. Further, under Barclay’s leadership, Jolliff’s church has stated that the false teacher Pelagius was a saint. But this is in contrast to what the Church has stated that indeed Pelagius and his teachings(pelagianism and semi-pelagianism) were and are heresy and condemn Pelagius as a heretic. SEE Roger E. Olson, Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities (Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2006, Page, 30.) Olson continues: “Today, semi-Pelagianism is the default theology of most American evangelical Christians. This is revealed in the popularity of clichés such as `If you’ll take one step toward God, he’ll come the rest of the way toward you,’ and `God votes for you, Satan votes against you, and you get the deciding vote,’ coupled with the almost total neglect of human depravity and helplessness in spiritual matters. Arminianism is almost totally unknown, let alone believed, in popular evangelical Christianity.”  Arminian scholar Roger Olson on Spiritual Abuse, “Pentecostalism, fundamentalism and the charismatic movement as those segments. What I am saying is not that these are bad movements; I am saying they tend to be breeding grounds where toxic faith and spiritual abuse can grow. Too often the leaders do not address the problem because the underlying ethos is authoritarian and the people engaging in spiritual abuse are powerful and influential……But most often, in my experience, there’s nothing anyone can really do (except run) because the spiritual abusers are autonomous; there is no one over them to hold them accountable. They are religious entrepreneurs who have a solid grip on their churches and organizations. In many cases they own them outright or have set them up so that nobody can challenge their leadership.”