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Please help. 

Let’s get the pervert and false prophet Mark T. Barclay off these stations, because he ishelp using the money from the donations from these stations to promote his false teachings and perverted actives with children and youth.

One of the girls from his church recently wrote me on youtube and said that she was 15 and that there was nothing wrong with what Mark T. Barclay did when he looked at unclothed youth in his church—that’s the amount of damage Mark T. Barclay has done and is doing to young kids that they don’t know good from evil.

So please help me write the stations which he is currently on and ask them to take him off the air, because they are ultimately funding his sexual perversion, which is child abuse and exploitation.

1. WSMH-TV 66 FOX Flint/Saginaw/Bay City

2. WBSF-TV 46 CW Flint/Saginaw/Bay City

3. WXTX-TV 54 FOX Columbus, GA

4. WLLA-TV 64 IND Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo

5. BVOVN-Dish Channel 265/

6. WFQX-TV 33 FOX Traverse City/Cadillac, MI

7. FCC The Federal Communications Commission


tax-fraudIt appears that the heretic Mark T. Barclay has removed a profit site(which this blog revealed months ago)of a personal company own by the Barclays, which was of all things hosted on their ministries non-profit web servers. Mark T. Barclay Ministries clearly did this in violation of United States law, along with online false impersonation, which was also revealed by this blog in the same post.

“Woe to those who go to great depths to hide their plans from the Lord, who do their work in darkness and think, “Who sees us? Who will know?”  Is.29:15

If someone wants to file a complaint and get a monitory award you can fill this form out with the IRS, because the US Government gives awards for revealing offenders such as in this case with Mark T. Barclay Ministries.

Even though they have removed the companies site, in non-technical language they legally still own the companies name and web name and legally must give an account for their profits and criminal deceptions using church monies under United States law.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.16.23 PM

Screen capture of IRS Violation form


The information and server information on Mark T. Barclay Ministries are public information. That’s how I found out that they were also falsely impersonating someone using my blog name along with stealing my tags on my articles–only to buy(.com for personal companies also) a .com with church monies, post, promote Gnosticism and sell more Mark T. Barclay books through their deception.

Even at the lowest they are spending about $2000.00 to $5000.00 USD and that’s just the lowest and this is being done with church time, church and ministries monies just to impersonate…..

For instance here is some data:

Many custom WordPress design and development work falls within the following price ranges:

  • Custom WordPress Theme: $3,000-$6,000 (for design and development)
  • Custom WordPress Website: $6,000-$15,000 (for design and development, with custom plugin functionality.)
  • Custom WordPress eCommerce Site: $6,000-$20,000
  • Custom WordPress Web App: $15,000-$60,000+


My article and their server information is found here.

I wrote:

“This is the sad state of Living Word Church cult and Mark T. Barclay himself and his hatred for the most precious doctrine in Scripture – being God himself – the Trinity.

Their actions towards me and this site only paint the picture more vividly of a evil man, a so called patriot(who hates the personal Godhead) and a ministry who will do anything to stop the historical and Scriptural defense of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity – even at the costly expense of false impersonation and false advertisement.

The actions of Mark T. Barclay ministries only reveals a deep seated hatred of the truth of the Trinity – who is God alone in three divine persons(and not parts as Barclay heretically teaches), being simultaneously three in one; and further they will stop at nothing to prevent those as myself who would defend this Rule of Faith.

It’s absolutely mind boggling that they would go this far, but facts are facts and truth is truth and it’s his ministry who has done this unethical thing in setting up a fake blog with donated monies. This is sadly the reality of Mark T. Barclay and his followers – like other cults who hate the Trinity, and hate any defense of the Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity.

The truth is that Mark T. Barclay, his ministry and his associated ministers ordained under him have publicly attacked and persecuted any defense of the Trinity and the proper and Biblical understanding of Jesus Christ being one person with two natures, being truly man and truly God.

If you go to Mark T. Barclay church or a follower or Rev. Chris McMichael’s church you should be asking questions about doctrinal integrity on the Trinity, financial ones and about being involved in false impersonation –  using dot.coms and church monies.”

Taken from-Mark T. Barclay: Hatred for the Trinity and any Defense – False Impersonation

Mark T. Barclay: Red Letter Gnosticism by Ken Mattson

It’s an irrefutable fact that Mark T. Barclay is a heretic and builds his hermeneutical and exegetical fallacy in his book The Missing Red Letters on a major Trinitarian heresy, which heresy is historically rooted and grounded in the heresy of Gnosticism and has been condemned by the Christian church since the Apostles.

As we will see in this review, the Apostles and the early leadership of the Christian church opposed Mark T. Barclay’s Gnostic teachings on the Trinity, which heresy in short not only gave rise to other major Trinitarian heresies like Modalism and Arianism, but also influenced Islam after Arianism was rejected by the Eastern church. And like Islam, Mark T. Barclay rejects the Biblical and orthodox teaching that there is one God in three co-equal and eternal persons. [1][2]

What we will find out further in this review is that Mark T. Barclay like other heretics doesn’t know Scripture, even the simple words of Jesus Christ as most Sunday school children do and he stumbles over basic Christian doctrine. This not only makes him a false teacher, but his Trinitarian heresies place his church and ministry in a dangerous cult.

A Cult Defined

“A cult, then, is a group of people polarized around someone’s interpretation of the Bible and is characterized by major deviations from orthodox Christianity relative to the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith, particularly the fact that God became man in Jesus Christ.” –Walter Martin, The Rise of the Cults

If you don’t know already, Mark T. Barclay has taught at least three of the most destructive Trinitarian and Christological heresies in the history of the Christian church. In the opening chapter of this book, Barclay continues this sickening perversion and teaches that God is a three-part being and in other teachings he has evilly taught that God has changed and that the Godhead is not actual persons and heretically mixes up the roles of the divine persons. This places the message of this book in the deepest biblical error and is an insult to the Holy Spirit.

“Our God is a three-part being (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)”. Mark T. Barclay-The Missing Red Letters

The Importance of the Doctrine of the Trinity

Why is the Trinity important? Well, first of all, the doctrine of the Trinity regulates Christian worship and further it holds the keys to all other doctrines. This means that all other teachings in Scripture are inseparable from the doctrine of the Trinity and this is how basic and foundational the Trinity is to all teaching in Scripture. Or I will say it differently, the centrality of Christian teaching and worship is found in the Trinity and the orthodox teaching of the person of Jesus Christ that he is truly God and truly man. The confession of the Trinity is the throbbing heartbeat of the Christian church, “every error results from, or upon deeper reflection maybe traced to a wrong view of this doctrine”. [3] “The Church is truly Church in so far as it dwells in the Holy Trinity and embodies the truth of the Gospel in its empirical life and worship.” [4]

Barclay’s False Teachings in a Nutshell

In a nutshell, here’s what Mark T. Barclay has heretically taught.

  1. Mark T. Barclay has taught that God is made up of parts and is a three-part being.
  1. He has taught that the Trinity is not individual persons (hypostasis) for he heretically states that: “We teach them sorta, kinda almost as three different people for the sake of teaching.”
  1. Like the Jehovah Witnesses, has taught that in heaven God was Creator and not the Father. Thus, teaching an Arian concept of the person of the Father.
  1. He has wickedly taught that God changed for human understanding.
  1. Barclay’s heretical teachings on the Godhead, damages the orthodox and cardinal teaching of Christ’s hypostatic union, being fully and truly God and fully and truly man in one single divine person.

If Jesus is only a part and isn’t truly a person as with the other members of the Godhead, then he can’t be biblically God. This is how radically destructive Mark T. Barclay’s false teachings are to the orthodox understanding to the nature of the Trinity and to the Gospel, because Barclay like other heretics and cults destroys the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Simply put, salvation depends on a right formulation of Christ’s nature. This is why we can say that the Mormons and the Jehovah Witnesses for example have a different god and their Jesus can’t save. [5]

Christ’s Hypostatic Union.

Furthermore, the correct understanding of Jesus Christ is that he is God in the flesh and is one person with two natures, being truly man and truly God. Thus, we can unequivocally conclude through the objective truth of Scripture that Mark T. Barclay’s god like the Jehovah Witnesses is radically different than the God of Christianity and like other cults can’t save. [6]

The Orthodox and Biblical Understanding of the Trinity: “Tres personae, Una Substantia”

“The doctrine of the Trinity means that there is one God who eternally exists as three distinct Persons — the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Stated differently, God is one in essence and three in person. These definitions express three crucial truths: (1) The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are distinct Persons, (2) each Person is fully God, (3) there is only one God.” [7]

Barclay’s Error is Historically Rooted in Gnosticism.

What we find out its that Mark T. Barclay’s heresy on the Trinity and his destructive teaching on the Biblical understanding of Jesus Christ were refuted and condemned in the early church, because Barclay’s false teachings are historically pinpointed in time and space as Gnostic.

I have quoted this quote from Irenaeus before in connection with Barclay’s condemnation as a heretic, but this time I will unpack it and since this is a book review I think it’s appropriate.

Attacking the Gnostics, Irenaeus writes:

“But if they had known the Scriptures, and been taught by the truth, they would have known, beyond doubt, that God is not as men are; and that His thoughts are not like the thoughts of men. Far removed is the Father of all from those things, which operate among men, the affections and passions. He is simple, not composed of parts, without structure, altogether like and equal to himself alone. He is all mind, all spirit, all thought, all intelligence, all reason . . . all light, all fountain of every good..” Irenaeus, Against Heresies 2:13:3 (A.D. 189).

Further attacking the Gnostics and defending the one and undivided nature of God, Irenaeus writes:

“For if He produced intelligence, then He who did thus produce intelligence must be understood, in accordance with their views, as a compound and corporeal Being; so that God, who sent forth [the intelligence referred to], is separate from it, and the intelligence which was sent forth separate [from Him]. But if they affirm that intelligence was sent forth from intelligence, they then cut asunder the intelligence of God, and divide it into parts.” Irenaeus, Against Heresies 2:13:5

Church father Irenaeus goes on further and places Gnostic thought and heresy in the ancient doctrines of heathenism, which were taught by the philosophers.

He writes:

“These men (the heretics), adopting this fable as their own, have ranged their opinions round it, as if by a sort of natural process, changing only the names of the things referred to, and setting forth the very same beginning of the generation of all things, and their production.” Irenaeus, Against Heresies 2:14:1

He further writes:

This thought, too, these men have transferred to “the seed” of their Mother, which they maintain to be themselves; thus acknowledging at once, in the judgment of such as are possessed of sense, that they themselves are the offspring of the irreligious Anaxagoras”. Irenaeus, Against Heresies 2:14:2

Who was the philosopher Anaxagoras?  Well, a Greek philosopher. He believed that all matter was infinitely divisible and motionless until animated by mind. Thus, we can conclude a few things here about Mark Barclay’s Heresies:

  1. It’s an irrefutable fact that Mark T. Barclay’s teaching on the Trinity is Gnostic, being rooted and grounded in that heresy.
  2. Even with biblical names as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Barclay’s god being Gnostic is radically different than the biblical God who is triune in three persons.
  3. Barclay’s Gnostic heresy is time dated to just under a hundred years after the death of the Apostle John.
  4. Our information as we will see comes from the number one expert on Gnosticism, Irenaeus.

Who was Saint Irenaeus?

It’s important to note here that what we historically know about Gnosticism in the early Church comes from Church father Irenaeus himself. This is how important his apologetic work is to the Christian church. “He studied twenty of the most influential Gnostic writers and defined and criticized their beliefs. Other early church fathers, such as Tertullian and Origen also provide information regarding Gnostic beliefs.” [8] So who was Irenaeus? Well, he was taught by another Church father by the name of Polycarp who was the disciple of the Apostle of John. It is for certain that Irenaeus knew the teachings of the Apostles on the Trinity and knew the errors of the Gnostics. He spent his whole life attacking their false teachings.

Gnosticism Defined

What is Gnosticism?

“Gnosticism is a heresy which is made up of a diverse set of beliefs. It is the teaching based on the idea of gnosis (a Koine Greek word meaning “secret knowledge”), or knowledge of transcendence arrived at by way of internal, intuitive means.” [9]

Further, what we do know by history is that the Gnostics repudiated major Christian doctrines like the Trinity and the person of Jesus Christ.So again, we can see that Mark T. Barclay’s Jesus being a Gnostic and a false Jesus is radically different than the biblical Christ who is one person with two natures, being truly God and truly man.

Moreover, to refute these facts is to refute not only the Scriptural teaching of the Trinity and the person of Jesus Christ, but it’s also a rejection of historical reality itself, which is a dangerous thing that all members of cults do to their own eternal destruction. Thus, a god who is of three-parts can’t save anyone and is a false god, being an idol and breaks the Second Commandment of the Law.

Further, for arguments sake, someone wouldn’t say that America was founded on Communism. I’m sure, if someone came to you and told you that that you would tell them that they were lying and refute them with evidence, because everyone knows that the early settlers were Christians, and America was founded on Democracy and not Communism. So in the same sense we know that Mark T. Barclay’s heresies on the Trinity and the person of Jesus Christ are Gnostic, which factual truths are historical and this is irrefutable.

Barclay Teaches more Gnostic Error on the Trinity

In another message, Mark T. Barclay compounds his heresies with another assault on the Trinity and the person of Jesus Christ by teaching that God changed, which biblically is untrue, because God is holy and unchangeable. Further, Barclay in his ungodliness teaches that the phrase ‘persons in Trinity’ are only taught for teaching sake and the members of the Godhead are really parts.

“In Genesis Chapter 1, it defines the Trinity of God, the three parts of God. You are made by the way after his image, three parts” Mark T. Barclay further states that: “now these aren’t three different people. We teach them sorta, kinda almost as three different people for the sake of teaching.”

In the same message, he furthers his Gnostic blasphemy against the Spirit:

“Those that permit the Holy Spirit to be their Father. Those who will allow the Holy Spirit, remember he’s not a third Person, he is God made up of three parts just like…my son Josh and his soul is not some body else and his spirit is not someone else, and so I got to decipher. Now, there’s not three people, it’s just one Josh three parts. There’s not three Gods, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, he’s just one. He’s just got three parts. So this great Holy Spirit wants to father you.” Jesus, the Command Giver – Mark T. Barclay

Mark T. Barclay is showing his deception and lying here, when he states that we “teach them sorta, kinda almost as three different people for the sake of teaching.” The Christian church has never taught that God is a three-part being, because Scripture doesn’t teach it. The only ‘we’ who teaches that heresy is he, the Gnostics and other heretics. Barclay couldn’t be in more error on the Godhead!

Scripture Teaches Christ is the Exact Duplicate of the Father’s Person (Greek: Hypostasis)

Hebrews 1:3 states:  “Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high:” Authorized King James Version

If you notice, the writer of Hebrews describes Jesus Christ as the expressed image of the Father’s person (Greek: hypostasis). The Greek word ‘hypostasis’ is never translated as ‘part’. Unpacking it more, we can see that, “Christ is the “exact representation” (vs. 3, Gk. Charakter, “exact duplicate”) of the nature or being (Gk. hypostasis) of God—meaning that God the Son exactly duplicates the being or nature of God the Father in every way: whatever attributes or power God the Father has, God the Son has them as well.” [10]

Gill says:

“that the Father and the Son are of the same nature, as the sun and its ray; and that the one is not before the other, and yet distinct from each other, and cannot be divided or separated one from another……this intends much the same as the other phrase; namely, equality and sameness of nature, and distinction of persons; for if the Father is God, Christ must be so too; and if he is a person, his Son must be so likewise, or he cannot be the express image and character of him;” [11] So, summarizing what Scripture teaches on the Trinity:

  1. God is three persons.
  2. Each person is fully God.
  3. There is only one God

The Truth About Defamation and Slander

For those who have accused my apologetic work against Mark T. Barclay’s heresies as slander and defamation, you couldn’t be more wrong here, because the defense of the Trinity is the highest mark of Christian leadership in the Church. So in regards to defamation and slander, the truth is an absolute defense against slander and defamation. What does that mean? Well it means that true statements can’t be defamatory or slander and the truth is that Mark T. Barclay is a heretic and his Trinitarian and Christological heresies are historically rooted in Gnosticism. To deny that is to deny reality itself. If Barclay’s teachings on the Trinity weren’t heresies, then the Church leader Irenaeus who was the expert on Gnosticism wouldn’t have attacked it as such or even placed it in Gnosticism. But what we see is that Mark T. Barclay’s heresies on the nature of God and the nature of Christ were indeed Gnostic and condemned word for word by the Christian church.

Barclay’s Heresy Refuted by the Father of Orthodoxy

Further, we can see that Barclay’s heresies were refuted and condemned in the Church’s struggle with another heresy called Arianism, which chiefly rejected the deity of Jesus Christ. Saint Athanasius writes:

“God, however, being without parts, is Father of the Son without division and without being acted upon. For neither is there an effluence from that which is incorporeal, nor is there anything flowering into him from without, as in the case of men. Being simple in nature, he is Father of one only Son.” Saint Athanasius (Letter on the Council of Nicaea A.D. 350)

In his Discourses against the Arians he further writes:

“As we said above, so now we repeat, that the divine generation must not be compared to the nature of men nor the Son considered to be part of God nor the generation to imply any passion whatever; God is not as man; for men beget passibly, having a transitive nature, which waits for periods by reason of its weakness. But with God this cannot be; for He is not composed of parts, but being impassible and simple, He is impassibly and indivisibly Father of the Son.” Discourse 1:28 Against the Arians by Saint Athanasius

Athanasius Contra Mundum

In the Assembly of God Enrichment Journal, William P. Farley writes this about Athanasius’s leadership:

“Athanasius was born between A.D. 295 and 300. He was short and stocky, but what he lacked in physical appearance he made up for in fervent piety, holiness of life, penetrating intellect, and unusual gifts of leadership. In A.D. 321, on behalf of Bishop Alexander, Athanasius wrote the excommunication statement that banished Arius.” Herman Bavinck has this also to say: “Athanasius understood better than any of his contemporaries that Christianity stands or falls with the confession of the deity of Christ and of the Trinity.”  

Final Thoughts

So you see, Mark T. Barclay couldn’t be more eternally wrong on the Trinity and the nature of the person of Jesus Christ in the heretical teachings in this book and other places. This not only places his ministry in a cult, and him as a heretic, but it also acknowledges him as an apostate. As we will see in part two of this review, Barclay’s heresies on the Trinity and the Person of Jesus Christ, which are rooted in Gnosticism have detrimental ramifications on the message of the rest of this book.

One think comes to my mind when I reflect on the Apostles and the leadership of the Church fathers is that it becomes very evident that men like Chuck Seeley, Richard Jolliff and others like Al Leonhardt of the Assemblies of God are looking for leadership outside of Christianity and they found it in leadership that is rooted historically in the heresy of Gnosticism and this is irrefutable.

Why can I say that? Well, because true biblical leadership is found in the teaching of sound doctrine and the defense of the Trinity and the defense of the Person of Jesus Christ, which Mark T. Barclay hasn’t attained too, but has shown himself to be a Gnostic and a Trinitarian heretic.


So to conclude part one of this review we can affirmably say along which Scripture and the historical witness of the Trinitarian leadership of the Christian church that:

  1. Again, because of Barclay’s heresies on the Trinity and the Person of Jesus Christ his ministry and church is a cult.
  2. Barclay’s heretical teachings are a result of the rejection of the authority of Scripture, which heresies have been condemned by the Christian Church.
  3. Mark T. Barclay’s leadership is Gnostic and his heresies on the Trinity and the Person of Christ are rooted in that same heresy of Gnosticism and this is both historically and biblically irrefutable.


  1. “When the Quran is placed in the context of Syrian Christianity and the debates over Arian, Nestorian, and Monophysite Christology that wracked eastern Christianity in these centuries, its debt to Christianity becomes plausible. The Quran includes passages, for example, that reflect Syrian attacks on Monophysite Christology.”
  2. “There is also the superstition of the Ishmaelites which to this day prevails and keeps people in error, being a forerunner of the Antichrist. They are descended from Ishmael, [who] was born to Abraham of Agar, and for this reason they are called both Agarenes and Ishmaelites… From that time to the present a false prophet named Mohammed has appeared in their midst. This man, after having chanced upon the Old and New Testaments and likewise, it seems, having conversed with an Arian monk, devised his own heresy. Then, having insinuated himself into the good graces of the people by a show of seeming piety, he gave out that a certain book had been sent down to him from heaven. He had set down some ridiculous compositions in this book of his and he gave it to them as an object of veneration.”
  3. Bavinck, The Doctrine of God, p. 285
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Mark T. Barclay: Mental illness, Reality and the Trinity by Ken Mattson

“The largest subgroup to experience this problem is the combat veteran. In the United States, the Vietnam War has produced the largest percentage of PTSD cases. In fact, it was after studies of Vietnam veterans were added to studies of civilian post-trauma sufferers that the American Psychiatric Association created, in 1980, the diagnostic category: post-traumatic stress disorder (acute, chronic, and/or delayed).”

“The incidence of OCD in service personnel is uncertain. Most of the information comes from US studies which have typically looked at Vietnam veterans. Lifetime prevalence rates among Vietnam veterans range from 0.5% – 5.5% depending on severity of “war zone stress”. Veterans info

So does Mark T. Barclay as a Vietnam vet have some sort of mental illness? After years of writing on this theological blog, I recently started wondering if that might be the case.

If you listened to Barclay’s preaching and the testimonies of his associate ministers. They will begin to talk about how clean his vehicles are and preach of their strange but rather spiritual experiences when going into Mark T. Barclay’s bedroom and seeing his neat sock drawer. One of them went even as far as preaching after this bazaar event that his sock drawer experience that day was bible college.

To me and those who are reading this bazaar testimony. To even classify seeing someone’s tidy sock drawer and relating it to education in bible college is absolutely weirdo stuff! For certain, I can say that wasn’t bible college, the same as I can say that Mormon underwear aren’t holy. It’s just weirded out stuff! Almost relatable to seeing others in Mark Barclay’s congregation with identically oiled back hair like him.

So is this excessive cleaning behavior of Mark T. Barclay’s normal or a characteristic of holiness?

By all accounts it’s not normal and no, and it’s not even close to being biblical holiness nor righteousness. Any righteousness the believer has is always a direct result by Jesus Christ’s wonderful and saving work by grace and through faith alone by his imputed righteousness to the believing sinner. Being united with Christ’s vicarious death and resurrection, the sinners old nature is forever severed. Thus, the new believer desires righteousness and holiness and not excessive cleaning of outward material things like Mark T. Barclay and the pharisees.

From what I remember of the testimonies of Barclay’s bedroom in that sermon. There were no study books laying around or research papers for messages. But what was clearly evident from the testimony was that Mark T. Barclay spent hours and many hours on tidying his socks and meticulously coordinating them and placing them in his drawer.

To be frank, this type of behavior is clearly not normal, because normal people don’t behave strangely like this and certainly not ministers. It’s certainly not a characteristic of a man of God. But this compulsion sounds like a ‘mark’ of a mental disorder like OCD and one that might be caused from the Vietnam War.

“Compulsions are repetitive acts which an individual may perform incessantly in a rigid and stereotypical manner. They are often related to a particular obsession. For example, an individual with an obsessional fear of contamination may clean compulsively. Classically, compulsive rituals are performed to reduce anxiety or tension associated with the obsession.” Veterans info

The U.K Military, based on U.S medical research report goes on further and describes common compulsions as OCD.

“Common compulsions include: Cleaning. This may involve excessive hand washing or cleaning of surfaces, cutlery, crockery, etc. Counting. The person frequently counts to specific numbers, often in order to prevent some unspecified catastrophe.” Veterans info

Recently, one of the elders at Amazing Grace Church gave a testimony how Mark Barclay helped their churdog tagch after a leadership change, and from her own words, he sat them down as a marine. This was her actual wording of the event, a MARINE! That’s quite frightening, because Barclay wasn’t a soldier at the time. The war had been over for a few decades then and he was still functioning from their testimony like that of a jarhead.

So what do you think about this? Do you think it’s strange that Mark Barclay still acts like a soldier and calls himself a General? From Barclay’s bazaar sock drawer testimonies one can see that something isn’t healthy. Further, if you follow Barclay and are under him as a minister, do you think he is right in being obsessed with counting your tithe?

As you can see from the military reports and from Mark T. Barclay’s associated ministers testimonies that something isn’t right. The list goes on further like making sure the truck gas tank is always full and making sure it’s meticulously cleaned. And running his elder meeting like a cult with 2am meetings, which cause sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is a well documented tool of cults, because it’s an effective way of indoctrination.

Part two coming soon.

Next time, I want to write on reality and what is real. Reality is that the Christian church has condemned Mark T. Barclay as a heretic for teaching at least three of the most destructive Trinitarian heresies known to the Christian church. Barclay like other heretics and cults says this is not reality, but in Barclay’s words any defense of the Orthodox teaching on the Trinity is slander against him.

So, has Mark T. Barclay lost touch with reality? American democracy is a historical reality. Its development is well documented and so is the doctrine of the Trinity. The Christian church has the authority of Scripture against Barclay and other heretics like the Gnostics. That same authority of holy Scripture never once teaches that God is a three-part being as Barclay heretically teaches. It’s the history of the very words of the Church father’s who condemn Mark Barclay word for word through the Orthodox statements on the Trinity and the Person of Christ….this is not only reality, but it’s a well documented historical reality.

Updated: Aug, 12, 2014


This is just a side note, but I’ve been through the whole country of Vietnam and I’ve seen for myself the country and the ongoing affects of the war and it’s still not a pretty sight. I’ve recently talk to a guy in his 20’s from the country and he told me that it was his generation that suffered the most. After hearing more of what he said, I had to hold back my tears after hearing that, because I was in a public place.

Mark T. Barclay Ministries cultI am working on another new video. I posted the trailer on Barclay’s public Facebook page, but he took it off for some reason. I guess, he didn’t like it, but Barclay’s son liked it on Youtube.

Barclay’s TV productions aren’t that professional anyways, with all of Barclay’s followers investments, they are only a single step up from Amazing Grace church productions, and that’s not saying much!  I’ve seen the best in churches at Hillsong in Australia, been taught by better and have a better foundation in both editing and photography. With that said, Amazing Grace Church could do much better with recording with a single iPhone without an external mic and using iMovie to edit, than the rubbish they are using to record sound and video now. The stuff they used in 2000 was even absolute junk then!

I know this personally, because I worked with Amazing Grace Church’s production team for sometime early 2000 to 2005. I finally had to leave, because they blatantly refused to listen to any professional suggestions that really worked. I was sad, because I thought that I could have helped them a lot. But within a few years I was traveling around the globe and was accepted in an art school, acting in commercials and got my degree in film from a university in the U.K.

One of my editing instructor in film school who taught me, one of his students went on and edited all LOTR and Hobbits and my other teacher is in Hollywood now and I could name countless films edited by her. On top of that, I’ve worked with other professionals, like stunt coordinators from the Hong kong, China and Hollywood movie industry. This is just who I am and my background and if I really want to turn up the heat on these productions I can. For now it’s just using my iMac.  Ken

Here is a new video that I made and will put it up other places soon and hopefully before Barclay tries suppressing the truth like other Trinitarian heretics.

It’s called Mark T. Barclay: Heresy on the Trinity.

Here is an alternative link. 

Mark T. Barclay: Sex, Lies, and Videotape

I wanted to do a new post to sum up a lot of what has been said in the last two years since I discovered that Mark T. Sex, Lies, VideotapeBarclay was teaching the most devastating Trinitarian and Christological heresies known to Christianity.

So, in doing so, I have divided it into three main themes: Sex, Lies, and Videotape. These themes reflect Mark T. Barclay’s leadership and legacy both in Mid-Michigan and the Word of Faith churches who follow his destructive teachings or associate him as a Prophet and their leader. 

As in regard to Mark T. Barclay’s Trinitarian heresies. For those who have been readers of this theological blog these heresies on the Godhead and the Person of Christ have been well documented and taken from Mark T. Barclay’s own national recorded teachings and writings, so they should be nothing new to you. But maybe a wake up call to those who don’t know!

These destructive heresies are things that Barclay has taught over and over on National Television and which have been uploaded by his church to Word-faith sites and linked from Twitter and other social sites.

So let’s begin…..LIES. Well, this has been an ongoing fruit of Mark T. Barclay’s cultic ministry in Mid-Michigan and abroad. From using a fraudulent cult expert to verify that his ministry wasn’t a ‘cult’ and to recently lying on Twitter that his ministry has always taught God’s people about the Trinity and that he has always held to an Orthodox understanding of the Godhead.

The truth is that Mark T. Barclay has falsely taught that God changed and blasphemed the Holy Spirit by teaching that Spirit is not a Person nor the third person in the Holy Trinity. And beyond that, evilly collapsed the ontological Trinity into parts resembling his son Josh, which is flat out idolatry! Thus, breaking the First and Second Commandments by his heresy.

Those that permit the Holy Spirit to be their Father. Those who will allow the Holy Spirit, remember he’s not a third Person, he is God made up of three parts just like…my son Josh and his soul is not somebody else and his spirit is not someone else, and so I got to decipher…Now there’s not three people, it’s just one Josh three parts. There’s not three Gods, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, he’s just one. He’s just got three parts. So this great Holy Spirit wants to father you.” Jesus, the Command Giver – Mark T. Barclay

One of the greatest tragedies of this heresy is that the people who have wrote to this blog, and who have defended Mark T. Barclay’s position on the Trinity perceive that there is no difference between a part and a divine person. This is how heretically confused his followers and associated leaders are on basic doctrinal Christianity.

The factual truth is that Mark T. Barclay has not just lied to men on Twitter concerning the Doctrine of the Trinity and his teachings on the Person of Christ, but he has lied to God the Holy Spirit. How can I say this? Because it’s an over obvious Trinitarian heresy and it has been VIDEOTAPED…..recorded, thus well documented.

Let me use an example to illustrate this point. How did America know that former President Bill Clinton was having an affair with Monica Lewinsky when he publicly denied it? Well, it was from the evidence and much of it was from recorded evidence that the former President was not telling the truth.

In the same way we can know that Mark T. Barclay has lied concerning his credibility on the Evangelical Doctrine of the Trinity on his Twitter. Why can I say that? Because his track recorded speaks differently and his own recorded teachings already tell what he has been teaching concerning the Person of Christ and the Trinity and what he has taught is heretically and evil. So much so, that the Church Father’s condemned Barclay along with Arius and Sabellius as heretics.

Mark T. Barclay like all other false prophets can say what he wants to say. But the truth in the matter of his teaching on the Trinity and the Person of Jesus Christ speaks differently, because he has taught the worse Trinitarian and Christological heresies known to the Christian church.

I don’t know if his followers can handle the truth or do they really know how to judge the truth and contrast it in the person of their leader with the Law of God and sound Evangelical Doctrine. I write that, because many think he is infallible, because Barclay lies and acts that he is so.

If, Mark T. Barclay wasn’t a heretic nor a false prophet. He should have come out and publicly repented for his evil teachings on the Trinity and the Person of Jesus Christ and taken the time away from his teaching ministry to get help to rectify his cultic patterns of ministry and should have corrected the heresies in his sermons, and books.

But what was witnessed on Twitter was not so and Barclay tweeted that he has never believed differently and has always taught the Orthodox Doctrine of the Trinity. Which is a great contrast from the factual truth found in his past heretical sermons, books and teachings on the Godhead. Thus by his own lies on Twitter Mark T. Barclay again confirms who he is, being a heretic and a false prophet.

If you are following Mark T. Barclay then, I’d be very careful! Because he is a deceiver and can’t be trusted. Here we have a self-titled ‘so called man of God’, ‘prophet’, ‘general’, ‘leader’ that can Tweet one thing about himself. Which by record we know isn’t factually true, but are flat out lies about his credibility, and doctrinal integrity and we know this from what he has taught.

And on top of that to beg, ask, demand with blessings or cursing, manipulate his followers finances through Shepherding and Prosperity teachings for money from tithes, offerings, and more offerings. Only to use their money to further his lies and evil teachings on the Godhead and the Person of Jesus Christ. And not only that to used their money to support his jet and materialistic lifestyle of himself and his wife.

In Mark T. Barclay a great heretic and liar is exposed! If a guy can lie about the Rule of faith, which is the Trinity. Then he can lie about anything including his education, prophecies, lifestyle, ministry activity, etc..

And finally, we get to SEX and this is where I come to to Ed Dufrasne. Who upon Dufrasne horrific death Mark T. Barclay tweeted,A great champion is now in Heaven. We’ll miss Dr. Ed Dufresne and his mantle to help humanity.”

I don’t think there is a more morally corruptible minister in Mark T. Barclay’s circle of leaders than the now deceased Ed Dufrasne and this is the man who Barclay calls a champion. Before his death, Mr. Dufrasne conducted the marriage of his long time “son in the faith pastor”, who incestuously married his own daughter in law. Which incest began when the daughter in law was taking care of the dying pastor’s wife, while the pastor’s son was away serving as a soldier.

In his book called The Prophet: Friend of God, Ed Dufrasne writes: “Some are arguing about the Trinity. How is that going to equip you to help people?” Crazy right? I think Mr. Dufrasne forgot that the Holy Spirit is………. “HOLY”. Defrasne has the audacity to question the importance of the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity and then commit such an unholy act in marrying two people in outrages sin and didn’t think nothing of it.

And on top of that Mark T. Barclay never questioned, nor corrected such unthinkable act, but called him a champion and one who helped humanity. I guess, what Mark T. Barclay means is that Mr. Dufrasne helped humanity sin in outrages ways. 

We can write further about other men in Mark T. Barclay’s circles like Richard Jolliff of Amazing Grace Church in Wheeler, Michigan. Who has raised a homosexual leader now who is evangelizing youth at CMU and now Richard is not only pastoring the Church, but pastoring youth even after nurtured someone who resembles Sodom.

For someone like myself who spent 16 years in youth ministry. I can say that would have been unfathomable and wouldn’t have never happened under the watch of the youth pastors that I served with. But this is the manifestation of the corruption that is happening in the Word-faith Church. Where corruption like Ed Dufrasne is common with leaders in Mark T. Barclay’s Word-faith circles. Bishops, pastors, so called prophets are living like pimps and gangsters with lavish lifestyle from offering moneys and having sex with whole families. 


Image grabbed from and used only for critisim, educational use

Image grabbed from and used only for critisim, educational use