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Islam: The name Islam comes from an Arabic term meaning submission, a reference to the central belief that the goal of religion, or of a true believer, is submission to God’s will. Arabic root “Salema”: peace, purity, submission and obedience.

Mark T. Barclay: “All things in God’s Kingdom come to us as we submit to Him and to His Word. Submission is a great key to the Kingdom.”

“This was another divine appointment from God and they quickly realized that God placed them together with Dr. Mark T. Barclay. Soon after, the Pastor of Addison Bible Church released them to Dr. Barclay where they have remained submitted for over 20 years.” Pastor Ed Weiss

“Pastor McMichael is ordained through Mark Barclay Ministries. He and Manda are proud to call Dr. Mark T. Barclay their pastor. They enjoy all the blessings and protection submission to a pastor provides.”

Michael Reeves: “On top of that is my fear that many Christians are too often functionally Muslim in that the God they believe in looks like a single-person God. Now belief drives behaviour, and so if a Christian believes like a Muslim, their Christian experience and life must look Islamic. At root that will mean that instead of a heartfelt love for the Lord their God they can only know that external ‘submission’. Such a Christianity must be joyless – and must be unattractive for the watching world. I’d love to see some readers liberated from all that, for them to have their minds relieved and their hearts won by the truth of a God who, being Trinity, is unutterably beautiful and good.” Michael Reeves-Delighting in the Trinity

Quite interesting similarities between Mark T. Barclay’s theology and Islam and it’s backed up by one of the best Trinitarian theologians of our time. The problem with Rev. McMichaels is that it’s impossible for Barclay to be a pastor to him in any kind of biblical sense if Barclay isn’t present in his church administering Word and Sacrament. It’s cultic!